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SARAH - The worlds first dedicated NLP engine for real estate

Automated real estate communication is as good as the "brain" - also called NLP (Natural Language Processing) engine - behind it. PropertyBot is building the first NLP engine for real estate to provide comprehensive, accurate, self-learning language automation for real estate. We call our brain SARAH.


We provide no standard bots that could be applied to any other industry. We learn from the communications of your company and together with SARAH we create the automated communication that fits your company.

Constant Learning

Our bots and language applications get better by the minute. Automated learning from your existing communication, e-mails, telephone, and constant training of SARAH provide high automation and flexibility.


We train SARAH, our real estate brain, constantly with thousands of real estate documents, conversations, any information regarding real estate that makes SARAH smarter. SARAH really speaks real estate.


SARAH can be used for any application requiring automated language support. Bots, call center communication, document understanding and many more. And the best is that your SARAH gets better by the day.

Language assistants for efficient real estate

Language bots support your real estate management on all levels for more efficiency. From real estate brokerage to tenant management.

In real estate, many activities are based on language and standard processes. That's why chatbots are optimal for efficiency and automation.

Language assistants reduce management time so your staff can focus on core and value adding activities in marketing and management.

Direcly implemented on your website (or via Facebook Messenger, E-Mail or on your App) chatbots support your customer support and marketing activities.

A cool and modern customer approach for real estate.
Chatbots support your real estate brokerage activities with the right touch of efficiency and coolness.
Customer support
fast and efficient 24/7
Language assistants answer customer requests 24/7, be it information about new projects or the delivery of documents. Too complex requests are automatically forwarded by the chatbots to the employees.

Deploy chatbots for better tenant communication

80% of all communication in real estate management are standard requests. Bot assistents free your staff from answering these constantly recurring requests and allow them to focus on value-added activities.


Keys, janitors, addresses - chatbots relief your staff in real estate management from these standard requests.


Language bots assist tenants to solve simple cases of apartment damages, supported by bot-driven FAQs.

24/7 Availability

Real estate bots support your customers and tenants 24/7 with information delivery, document retrieval or contract details.


Bots support digital tenant communities with specific functions like tenant surveys, market places, chats or polling..

Task bots.

For more efficient real estate management.

Task bots are customized language assistants for real estate specific tasks. From brokerage to real estate management, task bots handle customer information and requests faster and more targeted.

Lead generation.

Personalization for better acquisitions.

Do you want to convince your potential real estate customers and achieve faster sales? Bots for lead generation support your sales with a personalized approach and fact-based information provision.

Tenant surveys.

Enhance customer satisfation with bots.

Learn more about your tenants and customers with regular surveys, conducted by task oriented bots. This improves tenant satisfaction and the retention rate.

Appointment management.

Reduce idle time and misunderstandings.

diligently coordinate date settings and control with your clients. From new home visits to janitor appointments, bots support managers in taking over tedious standard tasks..

Frequently Asked Questions.

Efficient help for self-help.

Reduce your workload by letting bots answering tedious standard questions. Be it a malfunctioning fridge or heating system, bots are ready 24/7 for the problems of tenants.

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